HI-TECH natural foods

It is not how much you do, it is how perfectly you do that matters. Changing things in just one go is not easier but to switch to a healthier life, small steps can make big milestones. Shifting from regular products to natural products is one of the most required changes the world needs. Hi-Tech Fresh and Smart makes your grocery shopping even simpler. No more hassles of sweating it out in crowded markets, grocery shops & supermarkets – now shop from the comfort of your home; office or on the move.

HI-TECH focuses on providing that one change without healthy, no preservatives, chemical-free and naturally grown foods for a “Healthier you”. All the products are hand-picked from the source to ensure the finest quality is provided. We value our products retain their original taste and aroma and have no added colours or flavours.

The Natural you eat, the healthier you become. Our aim is to redefine India’s freshest and finest food experience for our customers. Imagine needing something when you are at home and getting it before you have tied your shoelaces to step out. We are revolutionizing e-commerce by making the stuff most important to you, available to you in a blink of your eye. We want our customers to focus on the more important things for themselves and not need to plan for the little things that life needs on an everyday basis. We are here to get your chores out of your way.   Our mission is – “instant commerce indistinguishable from magic” .Our company’s goal is to provide top-quality branded grocery products at wholesale prices every day. We make it convenient for you to buy  food items all from a single online store. We provide you with your daily essentials ensuring a quick delivery day & night.

More than just a farmer, Ramu Ram Ji is passionate about healthy living and sustainable practices. Driven by a desire to transform the lives of Indians through the power of wholesome, chemical-free food, he has built a thriving enterprise built on authenticity and integrity. Ramu Ram Ji’s journey began with a simple vision: nourishing his community with nature’s bounty. He embraced rainwater harvesting and strictly avoided chemicals in his fields, ensuring the purity and quality of his crops. This dedication to real, unadulterated food extends to his business dealings, earning him the respect and trust of his customers. His vision didn’t stop at the farm. Driven by a desire to empower future generations, Ramu Ram Ji established a state-of-the-art, natural food processing plant in Nagaur. This hi-tech facility utilizes cold-pressed oil extraction techniques to preserve the vital nutrients and delicious flavors of its products.

Ramu Ram Ji’s impact extends beyond food. He actively engages with schools and colleges, organizing farm visits and educational workshops to bridge the gap between urban communities and the source of their food. By educating children about the importance of healthy eating and the dangers of processed foods, he is planting the seeds of a healthier future for India. This unwavering commitment to quality, community, and sustainability has earned Ramu Ram Ji and his Hi-Tech Natural Food brand the prestigious 2023 South East Asia Business Icon Award. This recognition is a testament to his dedication and serves as an inspiration to all who seek to make a positive difference in the world.